Important Points for High Profile Escort Girl Chandigarh

high profile escort

1. Physical Beauty – This was interesting. While they understood different concepts of beauty it all needed to conform to how they believed it is best presented.

2. Knowledge – With a mostly high end or Business clientele it was important to be able to converse with the client and mix with their peers on their level. Part of working for them meant every morning she would be required to read all the main newspapers. Besides keeping up with general news, She needed to keep abreast of world events especially giving attention to the business, financial and political pages.

3. Beauty Upkeep – As she would be rubbing shoulders with CEO, Directors, Millionaires and the like, it was important that she fitted in. The hands and feet should be manicured and paints at all times. Chips fixed straight away. Facials, beauty treatments, hair, make up all needed to be part of my normal routine.

4. Clothing – What you were seen in and what laid beneath your clothes was of high importance. This is to be expected with the social circles you may turn up in. They had someone who could help me with this if needed. The types of dresses, acceptable styles, brand names and so forth were given to me at the interview. This was everything from earrings, clothes, shoes and lingerie.

5. Speaking & Manners – Ensure the correct use of manners in any situation. No swearing or using shorten, causal language. High class attitude if you will.

6. Sex – They did ask what sort of service I provided which they were happy with. Girlfriend experience is included. How much more attentive I don’t know.

7. Travel – As it was not out of the ordinary for their clients to book girls for weekends or trips away, I needed to be able to travel and have my passport on hand.

8. Health – It was important to maintain the size and shape to ensure looking the best.