How to Interact with Submissive High Profile Call Girls Chandigarh

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Just booked an Chandigarh escort girls who specializes in every field , you must really be looking forward to your date. As you very well know, engaging in this practice means not only loads of fun, but also abiding to some rules. Like, for instance, agreeing on a safe word with your companion to be used later on. Most importantly, though, you, as a customer, need to remember that escorts who say yes to do sex have their limits of High Profile Call Girls Chandigarh.

You can’t just do anything you want with a submissive partner. Controlling yourself is key and it will contribute to a great encounter for both you and the VIP  escort. If you just do as you please, no matter the consequences, that person will never accept another date with you. Therefore, it’s very important to know the do’s and don’ts of being with a submissive companion. Let’s begin with our blog post of Chandigarh escort agency.

Female VIP chandigarh escorts are a complex piece of machinery and, once you’ve learned how to fine tune them, they will count you as their favorite client and take you to the moon and back in return.

Let’s see how you guys can make your female Chandigarh escort agency friend scream with intense pleasure. Check out these best eight tips we have for you!

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Avoid drinking or consuming any kind of substances

No one likes to spend intimate moments with someone who’s drunk or otherwise intoxicated. If you don’t have your wits about you when getting freaky with a decent  escort , no one will have fun. On the contrary: you will end up losing your control. In other words: you may end up forcing your companion past their limits. So, keep a clear head and all will be well.

Use  Condom / take Precautions 

Using protection while having sex with someone is great if you want to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies. If your companion says they’re OK with you not wearing a condom, or they themselves allow you to do it bareback, don’t just be fine with it. Say no, because in the end, both you and the escort will suffer unpleasant consequences. Better safe than sorry, right?

Don’t ask for activities that make her self-consciousness

Communication is key in every type of relationship. Talk to your date and find out what they like and dislike. Do it before booking them and make sure you stick to the agreement. If you change your mind during the actual encounter or ask for something else that makes your partner uneasy, they will leave at once.

Keep it secure, safe and lawful

As with all things in this world, staying on the safe side and respecting the law goes a long way. If you attempt illegal stuff at any point during the date, the law won’t protect you. Police officers will make sure the escort you’re with doesn’t suffer damage of any kind. Likewise, should you endanger the companion you booked, you will be on their blacklist forever. And they will tell other escorts about you and your abusive behavior.

Act like a gentleman with descent escorts Chandigarh

Always put her sexual needs first and ask her what she’d like you to do in bed. Make her feel comfortable around you and watch as she throws all her inhibitions out the door. Bring her flowers, candy, or her favorite perfume, touch her as if she’s a very delicate flower, and your escort will adore you.

Leave a great first impression

Since we mentioned the word “gentleman”, it’s also very important that you smell amazing and dress well. Check your breath before going to your date or before she comes to your apartment and, if it smells bad, brush your teeth or pop some chewing gum in. Take a shower, too, and trim or remove all unwanted hair, particularly if she mentioned she doesn’t like cave dudes. Not to forget: wear clean underwear, it’s a must.

Foreplay is crucial

 When you were with a female escort? Take it slowly, one thing at a time. Kiss her all over, tease her, and whisper sweet or naughty. She will get wet and crave you more and more . Continue with the foreplay until she specifically asks you to stop. Make sure you avoid her genitals and instead focus on her neck, knee pit, shoulders, earlobes, and any other erogenous zone she wants you to play with. Then move on to her boobs, ass, and wait until she’s horny. Now you can head toward her clit and work at it with your mouth and tongue.

Get Sexy and ,Gamey

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Escorts have just as many wild fantasies as guys do. Next time you’re with your date, ask her what naughty thing she’d love to try with you, then fulfill her dream. Does she fantasize about trying a new experience, like, say, a foursome? Do it. Is she thinking of experimenting with a new position? By all means, go for it and you will have one very happy Zirakpur escort by your side.

Money first, pleasure second

As you all know, Zirakpur escorts offer their companionship in exchange for a donation. As soon as you walk through your date’s door, leave your envelope with money on the table next to it. The money is close to the washroom so she can see it after they’ve freshened up.

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