Some Rules of Etiquette When using an Escort Service Chandigarh

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How To Behave With Sex Workers and Guide to good manners…

With the exception of an moron, most people know from time to time how to behave. I know that you can’t cross the line, tip or throw up on it. But many don’t know how to behave when you go to prostitutes. Below are some points to have a look:

  • Don’t get drunk, or any influence of Alcohol.
  • Hygiene is important especially in corona pandemic so that nobody affected.
  • So make sure you are freshly washed and clean when you meet someone. 
  • Apart from that, wearing a condom is one of the most important rules.
  •  Safer sex is one of the conditions when you hired Chandigarh escorts.

Do’s Make an Effort of Meeting an Escort

  • Have your payment ready-Make sure there’s no confusion or awkwardness about your payment for your appointment. Be aware of your provider’s price list and have your payment ready when you arrive.
  • Meet and Greet- Feel free to take a few moments before your appointment starts to engage in some greeting and small talk. It’s okay to ask your provider how they are today, if they’ve had a fairly good day, or even how the weather is treating them.
  • Answer calls or texts-Your provider may need to cancel or reschedule. Make sure to answer any calls or texts from them or return them in a timely fashion.


  • Talk about violence – Asking a provider, especially while you are in a private space with them, if they have ever been victimized or attacked is a quick way to make them feel unsafe, frightened, and ready to end your appointment before it starts. 
  • Disrespect your provider – Also stay away from negative comments on their physical appearance, like telling a mature escort “Aren’t you getting a little old for this?”
  • Don’t post negative reviews online spitefully – If your appointment wasn’t completely satisfactory, try to give your provider some kind, genuine, and constructive feedback, or, better yet, simply find another provider for your next appointment. If you are truly compelled to review your provider, do so kindly and intelligently.
  • If you see your provider in public, don’t approach them unless they have said it is okay to do so
  • Don’t Get Too Personal – While you should have plenty of things to talk about when you hire an escort, you should make sure you don’t ask any questions that are too personal. She might not want to share details about her personal life with you.

Be Honest About What You Expect from the Escort

When hiring an escort, don’t expect her to read your mind. You should be honest about what your intentions are from the very beginning. Don’t try and spring things on her in the middle of the date. Before you meet in person, the escort should be fully aware of your plans and expectations. Not every escort has sex with their clients

Have Fun and Be Safe in COVID -19

Good luck, and have a great appointment! Finding an escort that fits your needs can be tough, but if you follow these tips, you’ll have no trouble at all developing a positive relationship with a provider. Now that you’ve been clued in, you can feel confident, sexy, and ready for anything when you head to your very first appointment!

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