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7 Qualities of the “Perfect F— Buddy – Chandigarh Escort


If you’re sick of spending Saturday nights alone, with porn, hand cream and a box of tissues…

This will be the most exciting video you’ve ever watched

Because it reveals a simple method any guy can use to get 3-5 hot, horny “sex buddies” in less than 30 days .

A “sex buddy” is a girl you can call up for a “no strings attached” bang session any time you like.

The ideal sex buddy is:

–Submissive… she loves being bossed around in the bedroom and told what to do.

–She likes giving pleasure even more than receiving it… and she’ll do whatever you tell her to do with a smile!

–She’s sexually giving rather than sexually selfish. Getting you off gets her off!

–Pretty but not beautiful… Many guys who have enjoyed FWB relationships argue that the BEST F—buddy is a girl who is actually somewhat plain looking…. but she has an amazing body once you get her clothes off.

(This = less competition from other guys which lets you keep the F—buddy arrangement going for longer)

–Extremely high sex drive. She’s frisky… freaky… even a little bit perverted. (You may even wake up to find her sucking your c0ck while you’re asleep!)

–She’s on the pill. One of the beautiful things about having a long-term F-buddy (as opposed to one night stands with randomers) is that so long as you trust her, you can come inside her without a condom.

This makes sex feel sooo goood… so as soon as you get your first F—buddy, tell her to go on the pill!

–She’s 18-22… These are the COLLEGE YEARS… the years when a girl is at her most experimental… wild… and sexually adventurous.

Her life revolves around partying and fun. She is NOT looking for anything serious at this time…which means you get to bang her every week, with no strings attached! And she’s unlikely to try to make you into her “boyfriend”

–She’s bisexual. What’s better than having a hot, horny F—buddy you can bang whenever you want?

Answer: having a hot, horny F—buddy who brings you other girls you can do threesomes with as a gift. If you find one of these unicorns, lock her down immediately! (use THIS to do it)

So there you have it: those are the 7 traits of the perfect F*ck buddy…

The million dollar question is:

Where do you find girls like this…and what do you SAY to get her attracted to you, and make her into your “sex buddy”?

Go here to learn how:

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